Master rewards

As you move forward from basic Bronze to Diamond Status and beyond, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to spectacular VIP games. Additionally, you’ll qualify to collect even more free gifts and coins to enhance gameplay, and you’ll receive the best coin package deals available!

It’s easy to advance towards the next status level, since you earn Status Points as you play and level up, and as you receive additional points each time you make a purchase. Be sure to take advantage of Master Slots double and triple Status Points promotions where all points are doubled or tripled.

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Collect free coins and rewards from the Hourly, Daily and Super Bonuses!

Login to Master Slots every three hours to collect your free bonus! You can also boost your coin balance from diverse bonuses, multipliers, wilds and other gameplay features including our ongoing promotions! It’s simple, login, collect and PLAY LIKE A CAESAR!

First charge activity.

When you participate in our first charge event, you will Get Rs 200 immediately. For the next three days, you can go to the BIG SALE screen and click (Today Get) to Get Rs 15 for that day. Total available: 200+15*3= Rs 245.

This activity is limited to new players, and only three days, so seize the opportunity. If you miss it, there will be no more.

How do I get a rookie card?

We will issue a different number of rookie cards to you when you help us with our game. Such as:

1. Provide information about bugs in the game.

2. Promote our game.

What does the rookie card do?

After using the new card, you can get different amounts of rupees: At present, there are new cards in denominations of 50 and 100 rupees We will consider higher value rookie cards in the future.

How to invite friends to play SlotsWin?

You can refer friends and earn money. Invite friends to play our game, you will receive different rewards according to the number of invitees. After becoming an agent,permanent cash rebates.The more players you invite, the more rewards you receive.

Your friends will go through the SlotsWin link. Your friend needs to click this link and register for download, and fill in your invitation code.

Is there a limit on the friends that I can refer?

As long as the friends you refer are real, we will not limit the number of your referrals. If cheating is found in your referral, we will freeze your account.

How to become an agent?

You can recommend your friend to play the game, and fill in your invitation code when he signs up, then you are bound to him. When the number of people you bind is greater than or equal to 15 and follow our review conditions: one mobile phone number, one bank card, and one ip correspond to one person. You can apply to become an agent and wait for us to review whether the player you introduced As a real player, after passing, you can become a real agent. (If malicious cheating is found, we will impose penalties on non-distribution of rewards and freezing of accounts)

What are the rich rewards for agents?

Agents have two reward methods:

Red envelope reward: Opportunity to receive a one-time cash reward of 588 rupees.

Rebate for recharge: According to the number of online friends you refer to each week, there will be a rebate ratio. Using this ratio * your friends’ total recharge this week, you can calculate your rebate for this week. You can calculate the specific amount through our rebate computer.

How to improve the rewards of agents?

Invite more people to complete the recharge of more than or equal to 100.

The more you invite your friends to recharge, the more rebate you will get.

The more friends you invite online during the week, the more rebate you get.

Can the agent withdraw the award directly?

There are two ways for you to choose:

Direct withdrawal.

transfer to the game account (of course, you will get a higher reward for doing so).

The agency application I submitted was refused, can I apply again?

Yes, but it takes more than one week to submit the application again.

Agent ranking award

The ranking is divided into two categories according to the number of agents invited and the invitation revenue.

Ranking of referrals:According to the total number of referrals for the week, the top ten will receive rich rewards.

Ranking of referral income:According to the total income of the agency activities of the week, the top ten will receive rich rewards.

About agent point

After becoming an agent, your initial points are 80 points, with a maximum of 100 points. We have a certain reward and punishment mechanism. When you add points, your rebate rate will increase. When you reduce points, the rebate rate will decrease, or even disqualify your agency.

About agency rewards and punishments

When you share our game on Facebook、Youtube or other social networking sites , every time the like more than 100, you will add 1 agent point, and each share will add up to 10 points. You can provide the evidences on the agent points page, and we will add points for you after examination passed.

punishments:There is cheating during the agency period, 5-10 agency points will be deducted each time.

Black diamond

Black Diamond status benefits are revealed once you achieve Black Diamond level. In a twist from the popular saying, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” whatever happens in Black Diamond stays in Black Diamond!